Teaching The Dance Of Houston 2-Step

(A 501C3 Non-Profit Organization) 

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"Flo-Motion Dance Association"
Non-Profit Mission Statement:

Flo-Motion Dance Association is dedicated to preserving the historical art of African-American Dance in the Houston community. FMDA strongly believe in fostering excellence in the art form by teaching at a high level, and making the dance accessible to all who have a desire to learn.
FMDA strive to raise public awareness and participation thru the teaching of vernacular Africa-American partners dance & promoting health and wellness.
As part of its non-profit identity, FMDA strive to provide free classes to youth and to provide dance showcases to charitable organizations and schools thru out the Houston area.FMDA instills in its dancers an enthusiasm for, and a desire to have a positive influence within their community.

Flo-Motion Dance Association

phone: 832-598-1931

Web: www.flo-motion.org

email: info@flo-motion.org